Nature and God

I have spent years traveling to the National Parks and connecting to nature in the most intimate of ways. I can sit for hours and just feel the moment in these extraordinary places. Whether it is deserts like Death Valley, deep forest like Redwood, alpine like Rocky Mountain, or spaces like Acadia with lakes, ocean, and forest, I am complete within nature. But, with that said it is more than the feeling of peace and tranquility that brings me to the forefront of my own existence in those moments, it is my connection to God that lifts me to that ethereal higher dimension. My life is replete with pain, suffering, joy, anger, animosity, worry, peace, tumult, and everything else, but when I sit among God’s incredible creation I am whole. I am a wholeness that is not only contemplative, but also mesmeric. There is no word I can write here to do that moment justice, but what I can explain is about the lifting of my spirit to the realm of soulful connection to that one Creator. I understand that talking about a Creator is strange to many and simplistic to some, but I have seen and felt It. There is a quiet place in each of us that will feel It too. The moment we stop our ego from interfering with what truly is, and let the voice of the Spirit enter our reality is the time we find that we are smaller than we thought, but larger than we felt. This is not a placebo or placation of intent to make sense of a world too vast and complex for our feebleness, but a serious truth that moves us to an identity that we as a simple human can only imagine.   And, nature is the intimate reality of that imagination. And life is just that, a truth and moment that takes God’s intention and turns it to a creative postulation of God’s absolution. Nature keeps its movement even as we humans attempt to disrupt and disconnect its continuity. But its movement simply changes to adapt. Nature always adapts, whether it is out somewhere in the distance parts of the universe or in our backyard. Nature adapts to anything. The danger is that it does so counter to human habitation. And we think we are harnessing it, when actually it puts a noose around us and keeps pulling. The key is to not only respect, but connect with it. And to become a part of its whole. God created everything. God is watching the creation move and morph. We know of nothing else tangibly but what nature has given us, thus what God has given us. It is our place to be within its sphere of care and connection much like we do to our own families. In this way we uphold the joy and magic of God through what is and what will always be.

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