An Examined Life

Socrates said it with a respectful shout to the world and he is right.  And yet we look at what he prescribes and wonder why that very prescription is so wrought with toil, struggle and pain.  Is he suggesting that yet ignorance may be in fact blissful, such mental comfort is truly not the answer.  Plato suggested that the cave was bliss yet not enlightened.  Author after author and philosopher after philosopher teaches us the same thing, that life is not about seeking a narrow path, but to open up the mind and spirit to see visions of what is, not what we wish was.  And, what is, is complex and fluid.  It moves and changes and finds new avenues.  It lives and breathes and learns and grows.  And we change with it if we do as Socrates says, pay attention.  With that depth we examine not only what is, but who we are.  That inquisition is the most critical of all things big or small.  We only then learn that who we are is also what we are as we fit into the complexities of human life on this great planet Earth.

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