Genesis 1

In the beginning God ...  honestly that is all we need to know.  And if we had the infinite capacity of God's bounds, we would not need more, but Adam in his haste, ok with Eve too, ate that damn apple so we have to face the reality of knowing more.  And forever we are tortured by thinking.  We are so bound by seeking the truth that it hurts and it creates hate and wars and death and the things of life that make us squirm.  But, that is knowledge.  And since we are not the omnicient ones, we seek its clarity and depth.  Its funny how God knew this so many years ago, but said that free choice for His creation was the right way, and yes Adam in his moment did what we all would have done, give in to temptation.  And so we have knowledge, and that has been the single point of the human condition since.  But, creation is not like that.  It was before that crazy moment in the Garden and is perfect.  We are the piece that is not.  All things came to be according God the same way and the same manner that our knowledge presents it.  There is no disconnect and that is a miracle.  But we as humans are the disconnect because of the same free will that Adam and Eve had.  And the metaphor is not lost on the over thought out analysis.  We just move to a new moment that takes us to the death of things and ourselves instead of delving into the worries of the past.  It is that moment of age that we see the truth of what God brought us to this existence to see and believe in the first place.  Wow, He knew our creation was worth it all.

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