On Another Memorial Day

Paying homage to those who have served in the military is a right and needful thing to do as any nation.  Even if one is against the idea of war, or sees the world in a pacific arrangement, it is still an honor to honor those who went and did a service that so many of us never did or never would do.  Yes, there is death and killing on both sides, and the perpetration of such is not immune to one ideology or another; but, to kill often is not a personal statement as so many would like it to be.  In fact it is an act of the larger scale of one's community.  And, yes life is sacred - all life.  It is so sacred that sometimes it is taken to serve the greater good of giving the gift of life to far more.  It is also sad - tragic.  Tragic to the point that the killing really is not decided by the people giving or certainly receiving the death.  We seek the greater mission of good in the ideal that our purpose encompasses a bigger saturation of national identity.  We may ask about which identity is greater within ourselves, but our nation of origin is nonetheless a large piece of our identity.  While some take this to heart, many others redefine themselves as people with no national identification.

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