Returning to Los Angeles

Every time I return to Los Angeles there is a silent moan in my heart.  I get a feeling that I have to be here rather than want to be here.  About half my time is traveling to places that are locked in with nature's abundance.  Here in the megalopolis its different.  Its about people and how much they have manipulated everything.  There is nothing untouched or undisturbed.  Nature is merely responding to its pain.  There is no flourishing of God's intent.  Even the local hills and mountains respond in the best way they can to simply survive.  The city here does not see the relevancy of preservation or in any true sense conservation.  The Earth and its fruits are just for the taking.  And even with industrious recycling programs and carpool encouragements the fade is insurmountable.  Nature just cannot keep itself intact in the way it wants.  These measures are more to ensure that the local landfills and air are not encumbering the city life itself.  We see lawns, alien plants and trees everywhere, landscape that makes no Southern California sense, and praise it as natural.  But nature wants something different.  Nature knows how to make it all perfect and we come along to screw it all up.  Nature continues to fight and fight hard as the city continues to battle back with every move of the perpetual chess game.  Nature then shocks us by its "destruction", but the city itself started the war many years ago.  My silent moan is definitely with a tear and with merit.

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