On the Road

I am heading out upon my biannual road trip to North Dakota to pick up my son at his University for the summer.  There is something amazing about a road trip.  I generally travel alone; but then again, I kind of travel as a way of life.  During this road trip I have things in my head to think about of far greater importance and consequence than usual.  The times of crossroads are interesting times in life - the things and decisions that shape the rest of our days .  I have that moment at hand and there is no better place to think for me then the road and my lonely campfire each evening.  Stress and anxiety are not part of this rounds' equation, thank God.  What is a piece of it is the wider assumptions of where those near term decisions will lead in my future.  The truly amazing thinking sequence while sitting behind the wheel of a car moving at 75 miles per hour down back roads and interstates is how one line of solved dilemma leads to the next dilemma and then the next and so on.  My road is ahead and by Friday it will be over as a soloist.  I will cherish the moments the thoughts and yes my prayerful decisions that will begin the route for the remainder of my time here.

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